The Martinique Club Of Naples
Rules & Regulations
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3003 Gulf Shore Boulevard, North

Naples, Florida  34103



The Martinique has been planned to provide enjoyable living for its members.  To ensure this, all residents and their guests are asked to comply with these House Rules and Regulations as of February 25, 2005.







Units may not be leased or rented.

No Commercial activity shall be conducted in or from any unit.




Members must register their guests with the manager and sign the guest book in the mail room.  This is necessary for house security and could save valuable time in case of emergency.




It is the member’s responsibility to be sure that family; friends and guests know the Rules and Regulations.  The member is responsible for their actions.




Under no circumstance shall towels, laundry or other articles be placed on balconies, railings, clotheslines or elsewhere for drying (or any other purpose) where they can be seen from outside the unit.




One covered space has been assigned to each numbered apartment.  No campers, trailers, boats, motor homes, motorcycles, non-passenger vans, vehicles with open beds, or trucks are to be parked on club property.  The only exceptions to this rule are service vehicles and persons loading or unloading their non-passenger vehicles.


When members leave for an extended period, they must advise the manager if they have designated another apartment owner to use their assigned space.  Non-designated parking spaces may be assigned by the manager on a temporary basis.




No pets of any kind are permitted. 




Quiet hours are from 10:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M.


Sound travels through our building!


Radios, television and stereos must be kept to a low volume, especially during the above hours and are permitted inside the apartment only.


Please refrain from running clothes washers, dryers, dishwashers and garbage disposals during quiet hours and use discretion in flushing toilets.




Conversations are amplified on porches, be considerate of your neighbors.  Wind chimes are prohibited.




1.   All biodegradable materials are to be disposed of in your garbage disposal.

      to meet landfill requirements.


We cannot put the following items down the  trash chute:

                        Newspapers                              Glass of any kind

                        Aluminum cans                          Wallboard

                        Plastic bottles or containers       Paints and other caustic liquids


2.         Recyclable items such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles and containers, glass jars and bottles must be rinsed, placed in clear plastic bags and placed in the provided recycling bin.  Cans and bottles made from plastic, glass and metal may be combined.


3.         Contaminated and/or hazardous items such as paints, batteries, miscellaneous liquids, oil and chemicals must be placed in clear plastic bags and identified.


4.           Other dry refuse, such as seafood shells, must be enclosed in clear

           heavy plastic bags and tied or stapled.


Newspapers should be placed on the lid of your recycling bin.


Your recycling bin should be placed outside your door between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 A.M. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Do not leave your recycling bin out overnight.  There is no collection on weekends and holidays.  Should you wish to dispose of these items on non-collection days, the recycling bins are located at the South entrance.  The large trash container for non-recyclable items is inside the metal door to the right as you leave the building.




Service people such as cleaning people, appliance repairmen, electricians, plumbers and other such vendors shall be restricted to the hours of 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  No work should be performed on weekends or holidays.  This applies in all cases except in emergency situations.  Emergencies should be handled with the manager on an individual basis.


Apartment doors opening into corridors must be closed at all times.




Local firms should be called for such services as electrical, plumbing, appliance, and interior repairs.  A list of recommended vendors is posted in the mail room.  Owners must obtain proof of bonding and licensing for other vendors; copies should be given to the manager.


The manager may be asked for advice but should not be asked to do repairs in your unit.  The manager works for the building, not the individual owners.


The manager is equipped with a cell phone during working hours for assistance.


All service people should be notified and encouraged to use the south service entrance and must sign in on the provided vendor sheet.  New vendors will not be admitted to the building without proper documentation.




Those seeking entrance from lobby phones should follow the instructions and dial the individual apartment.  To admit the caller, dial pound six (#6).  Tell the caller not to hang up until access is granted.  Some cordless phones do not work; your wired phone should work.




First:  CALL 911: second, Call the manager, third; call a Board member or neighbor to assist the EMS crew in entering the building and apartment.




All doors giving access to elevators must be closed and locked.


Report any suspicious person or incident to the manager immediately.


If you expect service people or vendors, notify the manager even if you intend to be home when they call.  The manager is not responsible for admitting service people into units.


Always notify the manager if you are going away.  A set of car keys should be available to the manager for those cars that will remain.


Consideration should be given to having an extra set of car keys available to the manager for emergency use even when you are in residence.


The smell of smoke, water leaks or other unusual occurrences should be reported to the manager immediately.  In his absence, notify a Board member.


The resident entrance code is changed quarterly.  The new code will be listed in your quarterly assessment letter.


Do not give entrance keys to anyone.  Guests may use the resident entrance code and service people should use the service code.  Remember that new vendors will be asked for proof that they are bonded and for a copy of their permit where necessary.





When leaving the apartment at the end of the season:


Complete information form supplied by the manager.


Water to the apartment should be turned off for safety reasons.  When you turn off the water, the circuit breaker for your water heater should also be turned off.  The manager will turn the water back on as required in his regular weekly inspections.


The air conditioning should be set to a temperature (75 degrees or less is suggested) to prevent excess humidity and possible mildew.  It is recommended that ceiling fans be left on low for more air circulation.


Please notify the manager even if you are leaving for a day or two so that he can check your apartment.




1.             Do not enter or exit the pool area over the sea wall.


2.         Residents and guests returning from the beach must hose off sand with hose provided on south beach entrance and exit. 


3.         Pool use is restricted to 9:00 A.M. to dusk as per City of Naples code.


4.         Observe all regulations of Florida State Board of Health posted at pool shower area.


5.         Children in diapers – diapers must be covered by tight fitting rubber or plastic pants.  Special pool diapers are satisfactory.  A violation requires us to drain and disinfect the pool.


6.         Persons under twelve (12) years of age or any individual unable to swim must be accompanied by an adult.


7.         Running, shouting or other objectionable behavior is prohibited.


8.         Radios, cassette players, televisions, etc. must be used with individual earphones.


9.         Pool deck chairs are not to be used on the lawn or taken to the beach.


10.        Pool deck chairs and choice space cannot be reserved.


11.        No glass containers are allowed in the pool and patio areas.


12.        If you have food around the pool you are responsible for cleaning up.  A trash container is located under the sink in the lanai.


13.        Everyone including children must wear proper attire (robe or cover-up) and adequate footwear traversing to and from the pool, in elevators and corridors and when using restrooms.


14.        Do not enter the building dripping wet and do not track in sand.


15.        There is no lifeguard; everyone swims at his own risk.  Mishaps and accidents of any kind are the responsibility of each individual involved.


16.        When leaving the pool, please realign your deck chairs and table with others and close umbrellas.


17.        For those that prefer sitting on the beach using personal chairs please do the following upon returning:


a)     Hose sand off yourself and your chair.

b)    Store chair in locker or car trunk.  Don’t lean chairs against wall next to cars         as that will interfere with garage maintenance.




Any modification to your apartment needs to be documented and approved by the Board in writing on the approved form.  Major projects must be started and completed during the off season, May 15th through October 15th.  Work is permitted from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. on weekdays only.  No work should be permitted on weekends or holidays.


All contractors working in the building must have copies of current license and insurance coverage as well as required permits filed with the manager before any work can be done.


Read your bylaws please.  Tile and hardwood flooring are permitted only in the foyer, kitchen, and bathrooms.  Tile is not permitted in the dressing area or the walk-in closet of the master suite.  These and all other areas must be carpeted.


Sliding doors, whether exterior or interior, may not be removed without permission of the Board.


Floor covering on your balcony may not be removed nor may another floor covering be placed over the existing surface.


Any work or modifications done in violation of the bylaws of The Martinique Club or city code is prohibited.  Owners in violation may have to restore or rework the modifications at their cost.




The association insures all common elements and repairs all damage in the common elements; this cost is a common expense.  Common elements do not include floor, wall, and ceiling covering.  The unit owner repairs all damage within his unit and looks to his own insurance carrier to cover the cost; the unit owner pays any applicable deductible.




Refrain from smoking in the common areas of the building and the lanai.


Cell phone use in the common areas of the building and the lanai pool area should not disturb others.


The hallways outside your unit are common areas; personal items should not be left outside your apartment.