The Martinique Club Of Naples
Pool & Patio Rules
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1. Do not exit or enter the pool area over the sea wall.
2. Residents and guests returning from the beach must hose off sand with hose provided on south beach entrance and exit.
3. Pool use restricted to 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
4. Observe all regulations of Florida State Board of Health posted at pool shower area.
5. Children in diapers must be covered by tight fitting rubber or plastic pants.
Special pool diapers are satisfactory.
A violatuion requires us to drain and disinfect the pool.
6. Persons under twelve(12) years of age or any individual unable to swim must be accompanied by an adult.
7. Running, shouting or other objectionable behavior is prohibited.
8. Radios, cassette players, televisions etc, must be used with individual earphones and kept on low volume. 
9. Pool deck chairs are not to be used on the lawn or taken to the beach.
10. Pool deck chairs cannot be reserved. If you go up for lunch, please remove towels and other personal belongings and equipment so others may use.
Don't be upset if you return and find your belongings moved or someone else sitting in your chair.
11. No glass containers are allowed in the pool and patio areas.
12. If you have food around the pool, you are responsible for cleaning up.
A trash container is in the Lanai.
13. All persons must wear proper attire (robe or cover-up) and adequate footwear traversing to and from the pool, in elevators and corridors.
14. Do not inter building dripping wet and do not track sand into the building.
15. There is no lifeguard on duty!
Everyone swims at their own risk.
Mishaps or accidents of any kind are the responsibility of each individual involved!
16. When leaving the pool area it is requested you align your deck chairs and tables with others.
Don't leave them randomly turned and spaced.
17. Those who prefer sitting on the beachand use your own personal chairs, please do the following:
Hose sand off you and the chair.
Store chair in locker or car trunk. Don't leave your personal chair in the pool area.