The Martinique Club Of Naples
A Reminder From The Board
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Your board of directors is trying to be responsive in listening and reacting to your suggestions and requests. In that vein, the following items from our Rules & Regulations are hereby presented again for your review.
In the spirit of families living in relativity close quarters, please read and practice the following:
Refrain from smoking in the public halls, rooms, and Lanai, especially cigars.
Store shopping carts, shoes and other personal items in your apartment or storage area, rather than the floor hallways.
Keep all your doors to the hallway closed.
This is for both insurance and smoke distribution purposes.
This is not a resort! Please remind your guests that cover-ups and footwear are necessary to and from the pool.
Chairs and lounges are not to be "reserved" with towels and/or clothing, etc.
The personal access code is not to be given to service people!
This just requires that new ones be inserted which inconveniences everyone.
Any modification to your apartment needs to be approved by the Board.
Construction request forms are available from the manager.
When the fax and copier machines run out of paper it is your responsibility to refill.
If you need help notify the manager.
The grill, picnic table and Lanai need to be reserved in advance.
Be sure to clean the tools and area when you are finished.
Please sign in your guests in the book in the mail room. Occasionly, the manager needs to find a guest and the book registration is important to show who is staying in the building.
It is also good to know how many are in the building in case of a fire or some other possible disaster.
Make sure you sign in the guest book which apartment the guests are in and when they will be leaving!